Sunday, July 18, 2010

dreaming of great feet....

Sandy Feet, originally uploaded by pieceofheaven.

I figured since it is the weekend I would keep things on the light side. And I guess I have been thinking about this dream because of how hot it has been and my desire to live in sandals. I dream of.... great feet...Well, actually to more precise - Great toenails..Yep I said it. WOW! That was very freeing to just put it out there like that.

I got Momma's love of writing and the ability to try any kind of crafting project at least once. I got her love of cooking and the ability to belly laugh at most every situation. But the one thing I got from Momma that has consumed my life and I'll gladly admit I am not very grateful for would be my toenails.

This is the scoop. My large toenails are pretty normal I would suppose but it is the remaining ones that have been the topic of many comical conversations. They are basically tiny little dots. The only positive thing I can come up with about my toenails is that they do save me money on nail polish and pedicures (that only happened once with my sister and that had to be one of the funniest events of my entire life..I'm still waiting to see us on some hidden camera show - maybe someday I will blog about that....)

I think it was possibly after I was married that I willingly wore sandals. I was sure that everyone around me noticed my deformed toenails. I was sure that people laughed and pointed at the girl with the abnormal feet. I would say that it really hasn't been that many years since I have embraced my Unique extremities. Since I have been able to joke about how funny looking they are and become truly okay with who I am.

I am not defined by my feet (I hope) or my hips or heaven belly. I would hope that when people see me they can see beyond the imperfections and see Me. I suppose I could go all deep at this point but ya know what........The fact is I have itty bitty toenails and until they come up with Lee press on toenails or some kind of toenail transplant it is the way it will always be.... if you see me out and I am wearing sandals and I see you glance at my toenails for a quick peak I will be gladly give you a good look so you can have a good laugh. Because if nothing else I will know you are a fan of my blog....:-) Have a great week all!!

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