Friday, July 16, 2010

a not so normal day in the life of a nature photographer....

Yesterday made me question the idea of being a nature photographer. I was planning on going for a run but I changed my mind and grabbed my camera to go for a hike through the trails. Actually it wasn't quite as simple as that. First, a trip back to get a backpack with supplies - my other lense, water bottles, trail mix for me and treats for pup. Off again and realize I was already getting eaten by mosquitos - so home again, spray myself and decide to leave Pup home, he already looked exhausted.

The sun was bright but it was overhead which is awesome for light in the woods. First some photos of berries which are Everywhere right now. It is truly wonderful but berries cause me so much guilt. I should be doing something with the tons that are out there. I always look forward to them coming and then have a few handfulls, take some pictures and then I am sad when they are gone.

Next I head into the woods. In one spot I found about 8 different kinds of mushrooms. I think they are the most amazing and beautiful things. But photographing mushrooms is quite a dirty job. I have to get right down there and try not to think about what I am laying on or what might be crawling on me. I love looking for ones that God puts in just the perfect lighting for me. I feel like when I am doing nature photography I talk to God the whole time. Thanking him or asking him to show me something. He hasn't dissapointed me yet...:-)

Next I head to a spot that Rob and I had been to last week on the 4 wheeler. I had to go up this really steep part and through weeds (that as I looked down were complete nettles and some other vicious looking plant...but I was already this far...)So, I got to where I wanted to be. You see for the past 6 months or so Rob and D have been talking about this Grouse that they kept seeing - it was just crazy!! (I come to find out that statement may be truer than I thought) Dustin found her first. One day he was riding his 4 wheeler on a track that he had built. He said that this Grouse came and followed him the whole way around the track. It continued every time he went out there. And a few weeks ago Rob was out for a ride when we got a sudden downpour. As he sat under some bushes she came up and sat beside him. So the other day we went out and sure enough she came to meet us. She just walked around but never close enough to really touch.

So as I was getting closer I began to call for her and finally I just sat down with my water and trail mix to see if she showed up. And sure enough I here her walking through the trees. As she comes out of the brush I as tickled pink. I grab my camera and started snapping photos. But she evidently had not taken many modeling classes. If you have ever watched a bird's head it is moving ALL the time. So 95% of my photos were great of the body with this fuzzy head. I tried sharing my trail mix and talking to her but she had no interest. As I sat there at eye level watching her circle me I started to get a little worried - okay, I'll admit it - ALOT worried. This bird was staring me down. My heart started racing. What happened if she attacked? I KNEW I should have packed my cell phone. I was scared what might happen to me. I may have been young but I had seen Attack Of The Birds!!!!!!!!! Finally I got up so she atleast wouldn't peck my eyes out (you do remember about my Vivid Imagination don't you - sometimes it doesn't bode well for me..) I took a few more photos, grabbed my stuff and told her "fine, I'll leave you alone..." I headed up the hill and I turn and look - she wouldn't quit following me. So finally I looked at her and shouted.."I'll just go home are you Happy??" So, instead of finishing the shoot that I wanted to do I went the back way and headed home...So, yes - I got ran out of my own woods by a Stupid Bird.

I sat there in the yard pouring water on all my cuts on my legs and cleaning my knees of all the dirt. I began to wonder if going into the woods alone is really a smart thing to do. I mean - you know all those coyotes that I hear howling every night? Well they have to be somewhere around there. And if it is possible to have a crazy Grouse it is surely possible to have a crazy Coyote... I think I might just have to stick to photographing colored licorice unless Rob is home...Oh well, all in the day in the life of Me...

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