Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a runner by 1-11-11 (Day 1)

Okay - I can't believe that I am putting stuff like this out there because then there is a WHOLE lot of pressure to follow through. But this morning I was out for a run and I tried to decide how to keep myself motivated to run. I have tried to decide if it to sign up for the Mickey Mouse Marathon in January or Maybe a half marathon in October or even our local Symon's Fun Run (5K) in August.

I am so new at getting back into the running world that I really don't want to overwhelm myself yet. But I thought that if I wrote about my journey on my blog then it would encourage me to atleast keep moving.

Between 2006 and 2007 I ran 3 half marathons and many other races. But it is crazy how fast your body can revert back to it's old ways. So as I was out for my run this morning I started to get frustrated with myself. Mainly because my average minute per mile on my 3 mile run was 15.5 minutes. Not that even at my peak I was very fast but I just felt like I was literally at the bottom of a mountain looking up at how high I had to climb just to get to the point that I could honestly consider myself a runner again.

So that is why I have decided I am not making these journal entries about a specific event. My desire is to be able to confidently say I am a runner (okay a runner by very loose standards though...just to get that clear...)

My goal is to journal about my runs and workouts and non runs and fighting with myself about not wanting to workout. It won't be an everyday post but just when I feel like I need to get something out there that I don't want to forget.

So although this isn't my typical kind of posts it is most definately a dream.

So I encourage you to find something to dream about. What would you like to accomplish by 1-11-11. That is 175 Days!! Decide on a dream and let me know what it is...If you want the accountability I will even do a special post on my wall of everyone's dreams...

Well - dream on.....and have a great day


clnsclan said...

Awesome!!! I'm going try it--not sure just yet what my dream is, but will figure it out. Enjoy!!

Linda Jo said...

Very excited for you to join up - I think it will be fun! Can't wait to hear your dream!