Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 3 Month 1 of my 7 journey

Day 3... Month 1 *****of my 7 journey

A post on this journey I'm taking and what I am learning so far??... well actually lots! First thing is something that put me at ease that she talks about in the book (7 by Jen Hatmaker) I know this is a spiritual journey but so far I haven't gotten deeply to that point with it yet. So far it is still consumed by thinking about it and planning and all that. But I am truly seeing where the God times come in. For one that I will be writing about on later is what I am learning about Fasting. I read through all the verses that were in the New Testament having to do with Fasting this morning and have so much that goes through my mind on the subject. And although this is not a diet, that isn't what it is about I am obviously consuming less so I am learning so much about my eating habits...

**Let me take a moment to say something... everything that I am "learning" sadly are things that I have already "learned" throughout my life. I have done every weight loss program Christian and otherwise... But, I am going into this with Fresh eyes and an open heart... so when I post they may not be ah ha moments but they are meaningful***....

When you only have a choice of 7 foods to eat and you suddenly get that twinge of what you ordinarily think is hunger you start to question... "do I really want another banana though???" and most of the time it's a no and so I go about my business.

I figured if something at some point in this crazy things helps someone then... awesome... if not... then at the least I hope that I give people some laughs because this whole thing has the ingredients for Linda drama....

My Journey of 7

Okay peeps.... This is the passage I am embarking on it is a 7 month journey to a Life without Excess and more importantly to get closer to God.... Month 1 is picking seven foods to eat for the entire month. The thought process behind it is that when we feel those other cravings we talk to God. When we spend minimal time on thinking about food for ourselves we can spend it on other things...... Month 2 is choosing 7 items of clothing to wear for the month. This chapter is hilarious!!!! And I feel will be one of the most eye opening next to chapter 3 which is Posessions .. You give away 7 Items every day for the entire month... But it goes so much deaper than just that. The following months are Media... Waste.... Spending.... Stress..... I am excited to do this like I said mainly to grow closer to God. The World gets in the way of our relationship.
I am going to do the best I can without putting to much stress on myself (I have a tendency to do that)
Looking forward to the ride….

A New Chapter

My reading material for the month.... A few for the 2nd time.... Rob and I read the Makers Diet together and it is one of my favorites. I am spending the month with my 7 foods and he is willing to make healthier choices.... And then we discussed the fact that when D moves out in October our diets going to look very different and he is excited about it to. If you would have told me that my husband would actually prefer a bowl of granola over his frosted flakes I would never have believed it.... Or that he would ask me to steam veggies for his lunch the next day.... I would have thought I was being punked.... Lots of discussions about life and what's ahead for us and taking care of ourselves... We are both ready for the next chapter.