Sunday, July 11, 2010

driving without fear.......

Photo of our 2009 trip to Hawaii

I dream of being able to drive without the fear that something terrible is going to happen. Lately it seems as though every time I turn around there is another terrible car accident and someone was seriously hurt or even killed. In fact just as I started this post I walked into the other room for a minute and on the radio was a story about another terrible accident involving a truck but I couldn't even bring myself to listen to the details.

Just a couple of weeks ago there was an accident involving 4 young girls (2 local). It was a senseless accident and 3 were killed and 1 was seriously injured. Although I didn't really know the girls we are very close to the man who first arrived on the accident...Just Heartbreaking!! The fact that that scene is in his mind breaks my heart and my prayers are with him as much as for the families that are hurting. Just as for the sister of a good friend who was in an accident yesterday when a young girl came across the center line and although she had only minor injuries after rolling her van the young girl was killed.

The list goes on and on of people that I know are hurting. Most of the time I am fine while I'm driving but there are times I pray that God would put angels around my vehicle and protect me and please don't let me accidentally hurt anyone else. That happened to a good friend of ours. Late one night coming home from a family reunion. He has no idea what happened but was positive he hadn't fell asleep but the next thing he knew he had crossed the center line and hit a woman and she was killed. I will never pass that spot again without saying a prayer for peace for him. I just can't imagine the pain he goes through.

What brings this to my mind today is because of a drive home last night. My husband and I had went to Iowa for a birthday party. We crossed the river and when we turned a car came right upon us and turned as well. The roads are terribly curvy and there was no place for him to pass so he stayed right tight to us. Finally he passed and we saw he was pulling a boat and he was going very fast. We were about to make a right turn anyway and be done with him. As we put on our blinker we moved in the turning lane he was in the left one (no blinker)we turned and he made a quick right turn as well. So now he was behind us again. So, instead of messing with him I went a few blocks and just pulled to the right to let him pass so we could just be on our way. He then was out of sight until we crested a hill and he was in a parking lot as if to pull out in the road. As we approached he had his window down with his hand out and pulled out as if he was going to pull out in front of us (insanity!!) As I hit my breaks he backed off and then screamed something. As we passed he quickly pulled out and headed a different direction...CRAZY!

This is the kind of things that scare me. There are irresponsible Morons that should not be behind a wheel. There are young people that think that they are invincible and don't understand the consequences for their actions. Then there are good hearted people that a split second changes so many people's lives.

I know that the Bible says that we aren't to worry but I do. I worry that that will be me (on either side - because either one would be horrific). I worry that it would be my husband, my daughter or now my son who has just gotten his permit. I believe that the older we get the more we realize the fragility and briefness of this life. That we want to hang on to as much of it as we can. I feel like I find myself almost breathing in my surroundings and the small moments of time I don't want to forget. I feel like if I stop and stare longer or breath deeper or hold tighter than it will become a part of me.

I realize that todays blog isn't the most uplifting and hopefully I will bring you some humor throughout the week. But I just think of all those families this morning that this is their daily struggle - how to function in the midst of this kind of tragedy. So with that I would say...My dream for them is to feel a little less hurt feel a little more peace...and that they would feel the loving arms of their heavenly father wrapped around them....

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