Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a full cup.......

Today I dream of a full cup...sigh..One of my favorite sayings is that you can only give out of your overflow. If we don't intentionally ensure that we are getting the things that we need to make ourselves healthy, happy, inspired, spiritually fed, loved and challenged then we really can't effectively give to those around us. As a Christian that makes me feel very uneasy. At some point in my life I was taught to give my best to those around me and be content with what I have left.

Ever since I first heard this saying I have replayed it over and over in my mind. I truly have to work at it but it has made my life much less complex. When I find myself overwhelmed by my calendar or phone calls or those around me I have to stop and take a good look at how I have been taking care of myself. Maybe I need a run. Maybe a little time with a good book sitting in a bubble bath. Maybe I need some quality time with God. Maybe I need a date with my husband. Maybe I just need a good cry.

Once you figure out what your body and mind are needing and meet those needs you begin to feel FULL. And what's better than that is to fill yourself to the point of overflowing. Because then when you are asked to be on yet another committee or get a phone call from your son at school telling you he forgot his track clothes and needs them in 10 min then you don't automatically have to go in a pit. You can actually do those things with peace and joy and a giving spirit.

When we fail to live our lives this way we find ourselves surrounded by chaos and feelings of constant anxiety. Basically we have poured out everything we have to all those around us. You soon find out that there are those that aren't content with what you have already given but they take a straw to pull out the last drop and then lick the rim.... And then what is left for you?

I know this is the hardest for woman. We are created to be givers, nurturers and healers. We want those around us to be happy. But I know that personally I am a much better friend, mother and wife when my cup is full.

A funny thought occurred to me one day when I was thinking about this subject. This is very much a visual for me when I find myself stressed... When you are seated in an airplane and they give you the precautionary talk about what to do when the cabin looses pressure do you recall the steps if you are seated by a young person? As the masks are lowered you are to first put the mask on yourself and then the person beside you....You are no help to the person in the next seat if you are unconscious.

So today look at your cup ... I pray that it runneth over!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I know I need to remind myself to keep my own cup full - so so true as a woman since it is so easy to forget ourselves.