Sunday, August 15, 2010

a Sunrise..........the Risen Son....

A West Texas sunrise - beautiful!!
I dream of a sunrise....Across the world I know that people all have a similar feeling when they see the sun rise. There is something peaceful and energizing to see that big ball of light rise up on the horizon.

About 16 years ago Rob and I were in Colorado and took a few days to stay in a little cabin in the woods. We had decided that the one morning we would get up very early and head up to a mountaintop in Estes Park to watch the sun rise. So when we woke up we grabbed the muffins and juice that we had bought the night before and set out on our adventure. As we drove the curvy mountain roads lined with huge Pine trees the stillness was evident. It felt like as if we were the only ones in the world. But as we reached the summit we could see the other cars with people who had the same idea as us. We grabbed our little picnic and sat and waited. We noticed that as we found a place to sit the ground was covered in moisture from the night. I was very aware that as the sun rose and took it's place in the morning sky that moisture was soon be dried and covered with warmth. First from the deep darkness came a little glow in the sky and we knew it wouldn't be long now. Soon we began to see the outline of the greatness yet to come. There was such a mixture of excitement and peace along with the knowledge that this was a moment that I would never forget. As the beautiful creation came into clear view we were both quiet and just held each other. We admired it's grandness and beauty and neither of us at the time understanding the gift that we were truly being given that morning.

What is it that would make people leave their comfy beds to drive for miles to experience a moment like this? Honestly aren't we all searching. Searching for a way to be free from the darkness. Seeking to find a glimmer of light that will allow us to feel hope again. Searching for something to give us warmth once again. To dry the moisture that has been flowing from our eyes throughout the cold, dark night.

Is it any accident years ago the main point of reference for travelers was the sun? People wandering, trying to find their way from the place they were at to the place they wanted to be. Is it an accident that the name for the brightness that guides our steps in the morning and puts us to rest in the evening after watching us throughout our day is named the Sun.....any resemblance to Son??? Or should I say - the Risen Son????

Our world is full of visuals of the lessons that God is trying to teach us. Ways of knowing more fully who He is and the Love that he has for us. Some people think that He is a secretive God that has left us here to just survive until his return. That is so the opposite of who God is. He is seen in the flowers that share their grand beauty beginning from a tiny seed. He is seen in the face of a child as they wrap their arms around your neck proclaiming their love for you when you may feel the most unlovable.

At the beginning I stated that there are people all over the world that understand the awesomeness of a sunrise and yet at the same time it is sad that there are just as many that go from day to day not giving the sun a thought. With the exception of cursing the heat it gives or the glare of brightness that bothers their eyes. Or they complain that it has left and grumble at it to return. My heart breaks for those. Those are the people that the sun continues to rise for. The Bible states that God is not slow in His coming because He is not willing that any will perish...Our prayer is that one morning someone that we love that has not grasped the Love of the Son will see the Sun on the horizon and their days will be forever changed.

**To add a little side note to this story and knowing full well that if my children read this they will wince. But it was 9 months later that God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. Our son has brought us joys and trials and yet I look at him and I have complete and absolute LOVE for him. He is the most amazing young man I have ever met and I thank God each and every day for allowing me to be able to hear him call me Mom....Thank You Thank You Thank You LORD!!!

Today I dream for you the ability to see the Son in a way that will bless your day...
Have a beautiful day my friends.....

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You never cease to AMAZE me little sister!