Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my stud of a husband....

I am blessed to be married to the man of my dreams...

Last night the cutest thing happened. We were at Dustin's Feedback Concert (which was wonderful!!) I was sitting at a table with my friend Nichole and then Becca and 2 of her friends were on the other side. Becca said "mom do you know what she said? (referring to one of her friends..) She asked me if my Hot dad was going to be here...That is Gross!!" Then she said that her other friend agreed. I looked at her and chuckled and then said, "well he is Hot.." And the girls said..."SEEEE" I thought Becca was going to gag...So Funny! But the cute thing is that this has been going on since middle school. Rob has been banned from certain pairs of Wranglers if he is going to be around her friends. LOL!! I often think I don't know how I ended up with such a gorgeous guy. I remember the night I first saw him I totally thought he was out of my league. And yet for some strange reason he saw something in me. And I have been blessed ever since.

One evening I was out to supper with some girlfriends and Rob drove by in the dumptruck and honked. One of my friends looked at me and said, "your husband is so sexy..." I just laughed. Later she apologized for being so afront and said she wanted to explain why she said that. She said what made him sexy is not just his looks but how he treats me. How he looks at me and how he takes care of me. I had to agree.

I struggle alot with the idea that when I talk about Rob like this if it is bragging. I realize there is a time and place to say things and I try to be very aware of those times. But there is also something that I have vowed years ago. I will Never speak badly of my husband - EVER. I may joke around about the silly quirky things. But I will never attack his character or belittle him. In fact the more I lift him up, not only in his presence, the more confident a man he is. The same is true for my kids. I have always told my kids how Incredible they are and I look at who they are today. I think that has so much to do with how Becca is confident that someday the world will know her name as a famous photographer. And Dustin believes that the sky is the limit for him. I have made them very aware that as they go into the world there will not always be the cheerleaders there to boost their ego so from now on it has to come from within. I pray that I have made them Believe it in their soul that they are Amazing people and worthy of an Amazing life. And an amazing life isn't defined by the world's standards. That is why if it comes from within then the outward circumstances don't affect you as strongly.

So my dream for you today is to Believe that you are I am your cheerleader - You are amazing - believe it within your soul!!

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