Sunday, June 27, 2010

my blogging dream....

Okay still obsessed with figuring out the whole blog know, the excitement of the possibilities and my fear of total rejection...What if Nobody ever reads my blog? What if they do read it and think, "why am I wasting my life reading this stuff...." What if no one wants to Follow Me? Crazy stuff goes through my head. Do you see why I overwhelm myself?

Okay, now I am going to share with you one of my that I have had for a long time...I have constantly dreamed of having one of those blogs with a couple of girl friends where we all update stuff and each have our quirky sides. Whenever I come across those kinds of blogs I get this kind of longing...I know pretty sappy huh? I also have this dream of having this amazing following of people who constantly comment on my posts and ask me all kinds of questions and tell all their friends about this amazing blog that they just have to check out.....And so here I am...once again attempting this adventure and truly wanting this to become a routine part of my life.

So after all of this you are probably wondering okay enough of the whole talking about blogging when is this woman going to actually start talking about something....anything?... Let's say tomorrow okay? Tomorrow I will start actual posts....I am so excited?? See you tomorrow!!!

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