Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm definately a dreamer..

Most everything I've ever done has probably been on some kind of list or another. I love looking ahead to things I want to do. Because of this I have a difficult time staying in the present. That is one of the things that I wish I was better at..(maybe if I put it on a list...hhhmm...) But I think that dreaming and looking ahead has helped me to accomplish things that I never would have. Had I put blinders on and only lived in the here and now I think I would have considered my life Boring. But I can't say that about my life. I believe I have lived an amazing, beautiful and adventurism life. There is something exhilirating about dreaming about something - whether it be building a new home or buying a new outfit. I believe that is why they say the best part of a trip is planning it. Maybe because during the planning you can imagine amazing things that probably won't even happen but it's as if you get to enjoy it in a whole different way.

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