Wednesday, June 30, 2010

missing Gibby.....

One thing I never dreamed about was having dogs - especially 2 of them. But 2 years ago my family was up to celebrate Peter's 40th Birthday. We had to go to the neighbor's to borrow a grill and she just happen to have about 40 shitzu puppies. Well, long story short we ended up with one...I must say in large part due to my older sister who aided my daughter in her ability to sweet talk her dad. So Pup Pup came to live with us...(in the house I must add...B must have done some really sweet talking).. But after a few days we...okay I...thought he looked lonely. So in a weak moment I went back to the neighbors and bought his little brother for D. He named him Gibby (after Gibson Guitar) and all seemed very happy. Well, everyone except me and Peter.

The dogs were Crazy. Running everywhere and tearing everything up. You couldn't keep them out of anything. Even the jumbo bag of Christmas M&M's they got out of the pantry...(I KNOW!! Dog's aren't suppose to have chocolate!!!)Ask B about the repercussions of this ALL OVER THE HOUSE!! Red and Green vomit and poop!!My biggest problem was their lack of bladder control. UGGHH.. But we got down to some kind of routine and things got a little better. But everyone knew that Mom wasn't real fond of the dogs.

A few months later Gib started getting sick alot. Lots of different stuff. He would get better from one thing and get something different. Finally about a year ago he got very bad. He couldn't see out of one eye and he was having a hard time walking. Gib had always been small - he was the runt of the litter - so that made him look ever sadder. The vet told us he had a problem with his liver and probably would continue to have problems. So, one day while the kids were at school and Peter was at work it was up to me to take Gib in and have him put to sleep. As I stood there holding him after they gave him the first shot I just cried and cried. I kept apologizing for not having patience with him. It was one of the harder things I have done.

Today D brought it to our attention that it was 1 year ago that Gib passed away. It was hard to see the look in my boy's eyes. I have to admit there is something about animals. They have a way of sneaking their way into your life and making themselves part of the family. So tonight I say...Gibson - you are missed....even by me...

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