Monday, September 13, 2010

Jamaican Mission Fair Fundraiser

Our Jamaican Mission Project Tent for the Fair

Last week was just a whirlwind of activity. It was insanely busy but I did truly enjoy myself. Our Jamaican Mission Program had a booth at the fair to raise money for a construction project we will do in January. I realize I haven't done a post yet about JMP and how we are involved but I will do that in the near future. But I just want to blog about this while it is fresh in my mind.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I got together with Bryan and Nichole to make marinade for our Jerk Pork. The marinade has about 19 ingredients - most of them fresh..(thyme, habeneros, banana peppers, onions, shallots, garlic, lime juice, soy sauce...and other things...)It was a very long process but the end product was worth it.

Working on the marinade for the Jerk Pork

On Thursday we got to the fairgrounds around noon to set up and began serving at 5 pm. We only had a few minor glitches with the electrical but it all worked out. We had plates of Jerk Pork, Pumpkin Rice and a roll - Jerk Pork on a Skewer - Jerk Pork Sliders - tons of homemade desserts and freshly made caramel apples and .50 cent soda. We were pretty steady on that night. After cleaning up we got home about midnight.

On Friday and Saturday we got much busier. I loved visiting with people and I guess word around the grounds was that we were the happening place. We had our music going and pretty much had people there a good part of the time. We had some incredible customers. Gary K ended up there 6 times atleast and one of the police officers had to be there just as much. Closing times were always fun. The officer and Thad (our cousin - who is now the fair coordinator) would come hang out with us - so much fun. Friday was a crazy long day. I had to be at the grounds at 9 am to help with the photography judging and then we started serving at 11 am. We got home that night at about 11 pm but I didn't get to bed until 3 am. We had 2 friends coming to visit and they didn't get in until midnight. So Dustin and I and the 2 girls stayed up talking and telling stories about "the old days" until we knew we had to get some sleep.

Back at the grounds at 9 am on Saturday trying to find some energy. We didn't have as much help that day so it made it Extra Long. Rob was competing in the Skid Steer competition at 3. Bryan and I both wanted to go but that left Nichole all alone so Lisa (my sister in law) filled in for me which was very sweet. At 5:30 Dustin's band, Feedback, performed. That caused another problem because it was rush time and we were short handed. Finally they just made Rob and I leave and relax for a bit. It was so very nice and I was so proud of those boys - they did an amazing job. We sold out of pork and so that night so we started cleaning up at about 9:30 pm. We got out of there at about 10:30...totally Exhausted.

Dustin (L), Ryan (M), Colton(R) and Steven(drums) - Feedback

Sunday morning we went to church and out to lunch with the Holley girls. It was nice to finally get to sit and visit. It was nice but it made me miss their family even more. Kiersten and Sam came to surprise D. They wanted to watch his band. They are such wonderful girls. So after lunch the girls headed back to college and the 3 of us finally got to spend some time looking around at the fair for a couple of hours. At 4pm we met Bryan and Nichole and Dave at the tent to "tear down". Let's just say it wasn't as much fun taking down as putting up. It took several hours and our lack of sleep was showing. After we were all done Rob and I went back to B and N's to help unload the trailer. Finally we sat out on the deck and had some supper and just relaxed. Even spent some time in the hot tub. A very nice ending to the weekend.

Dustin, Kiersten and Samantha

Today...well it's still not over. I have nescos to scrub and caramel apple stuff to clean up. Aprons and Flags to rewash. Tons of stuff that has to get put away. Figure out how I am getting Terry's trailblazer back to his house (and talk myself out of wanting one because I have Really loved driving it) get my Jeep from the Fairgrounds - the leftover buns to the soup kitchen (***I need to talk to you about that Sue, to see if you could use them. so if you read this contact me..LOL ***)All this and the stuff I need to be getting done at my house since I have neglected it for a week....

So there you go - A wrap-up of my week. I either bored you, overwhelmed you or just made you shake your head.... But today I dream for you the chance to "overwhelm" yourself. Dive in to something!! It might exhaust you and overwhelm you but you will make memories in the meantime. But I also dream for you the ability to focus on the positives and not the negatives (because there WILL be negatives)...Life is much to short not to flood it with memories.... Have a beautiful day my friends!!


niha said...

You always get more done in two or three days than I can barely manage in a month. How do you do that??? Thanks for the inspiration...there's a pretty overwhelming project looming over my head at home that I've been avoiding for months. Maybe this week will be the week, I might need to hook up a caffeine IV and just power through it :-)

kholley said...

This weekend was a whirlwind. But it was wonderful. And like you said... I think it was exactly what all of us needed. You and Rob and Dustin were such a blessing to me this weekend. I love you guys more than I could ever say. And I will be praying that God gives you rest and strength to get your work done. I love you, my Linda! <3

Linda Jo said...

Niha...I will say a prayer for you!! I understand overwhelming projects...can't wait for you to tell me that it is Complete!!! Have a beautiful day friend!

Linda Jo said...

my kiersten...
it was a wonderful weekend! It was crazy but I couldn't help but smile when I would look over and there you girls were. Even if we didn't get to visit as much as I would have liked I Loved being in your prescence. We all want to be in the company of people who can look past the negativity in the world and see the good that God has blessed us with...that is why people are drawn to you...I feel His prescence when I am with you. I love you my dear kiersten....