Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I love traveling......

I love traveling – in particular flying but honestly I love all kinds of travel….
The planning, the excitement, going to the airport, waiting for my flight, meeting new people…sigh
I was 17 years old the first time I was ever on an airplane. My sister Diane lived in Indiana and over the summer she got me a flight from Texas to visit her for a few weeks. I will never forget the fun we had on that trip…. Riding quad runners, hanging out at the pool but mainly our trip to DisneyWorld. I have so many memories of the drive to Florida and back. Mainly the insane amount of times we listened to her Elton John Cassette and then on our way home trying to find Rob in Florida….yep – she is a good sister!! Rob was in Florida at the same time at a base doing some training. She agreed to hunt down his base with me – knowing I would never get to see him but just to see where he was. Well after almost 2 hours of being in the middle of nowhere in the pitch dark we were back on our way - never even catching a glimpse of the base…LOL…
Disneyworld was wonderful! We had so much fun and it was such an amazing bonding time for the 2 of us. I still think about how generous it was for Diane to want to do that for me considering our tumultuous growing up years. Diane and I share the same Father but different Moms so she didn’t live with us full time. The big blow that I recall was while Diane was living with us when I was probably in 4th or 5th grade. I remember sharing a room with bunk beds – I have great memories of listening to Diane’s 8 track tapes, watching her do her shorthand homework and her taking me and my friends roller skating in Lubbock. But I don’t think her memories are probably as sweet. Now looking back on it I am sure she got the short end of the stick. She was older and more was expected of her and I was “the baby”. My “job” was to make everyone laugh and keep harmony. Well I don’t think my presence was always so harmonious to my teenage big sister. I think the term that she used to describe me was…Brat! And although I don’t remember specifics I won’t deny that her reasons were probably valid. I can picture her last day completely clear. I remember Momma and Daddy standing in our room and the 3 of them arguing (very loudly) while Diane filled a large black garbage bag with all of her belongings. I don’t know where I was during this, except that I was in the room somewhere watching the whole thing, knowing full well that I was the reason she was leaving. That impacted me greatly. I love my sister dearly and the fact that I missed out on time with her has always made me sad. So the trip to see her was very healing for both of us I believe. Since that time we both have our own families and we have visited her and she has visited me. Not nearly as much as I would like but I do hope that she realizes how special she is to me.
Today I find myself sitting in an airport headed Home…I am going back to Texas for Homecoming. I have been the last 2 years and really hadn’t planned on going this time until last Wednesday. This year Ropes is having “Back to your Roots.”  It is a chance for all students from all years to get together….it is going to be crazy I’m sure….My older brothers – Gary and Neil – will both be coming home this time. I am anticipating floods of memories and lots of laughing and leaving smelling like the Ropes Gymnasium but I am excited about it. I always get mixed emotions about going home…I have a tendency to fall back into my comfortable role when I’m around my family (hopefully the brat part is gone…LOL) But I always feel like “the baby”. No matter how much I have accomplished or the things I have done I always feel that I am in the shadows of my big brothers and sisters….But I LOVE being close to them…This morning on the drive to Madison I was caught off guard while listening to a song and I began to weep….I realized that through these last few months I have prayed and prayed for hugs from my sisters….I have needed that more than I ever have….This trip came on so quick I hadn’t even thought about what a blessing it will be to just be with them…I was just overwhelmed at how God had all this planned ahead without me even thinking about it….Who knew the day that Rob and I were stuck here in Memphis TN back in March and got bumped and were given vouchers that I would be using them to go back home right now….perfection…..but should I expect any less from God……..
Today I dream for you an unexpected blessing…..have a blessed week friends

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niha said...

Really cool that you got to go back to TX! Enjoy your trip.