Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spontaneity is the Spice of Life

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Yesterday I sat down to write my blog so I could get on with the 100 things that I needed to do around the house. As I started writing crazy things started happening on my laptop and ....long story short....My computer was infected by a virus.....BOOOOO. I ended up spending the entire day sitting at my desk researching on my desktop computer and on the phone with the most incredible computer guy who just happens to be my nephew Kurt! Although I like visiting with Kurt it was not in my plan.

By the time I had to leave the house to head to Dustin's school for the parents night of their musical...(High School Musical) it still was not fixed. This morning I got up and after a few more hours I am happy to say that my laptop is virus free and I didn't even have to take it to the Dr.....Woop Woop!!!

This fit in so well of what I wanted to write about today...You know the saying...Spontaneity is the Spice of Life....Well, I was thinking how absolutely true it is. But I was trying to get a little depth into that comment.

What kind of spice is it...or should I say.....are you? I mean the spice shelf at Walmart alone goes on forever...(and don't even start me on Penzeys) I think it varies from person to person and with different situations.

Okay now...aren't salt and pepper considered spices to alot of people? So if you and a S&P kind of person being spontaneous could be deciding to order pizza instead of making the usual Pot Roast...(You go girl!!)

And then there are is the extremely spontaneous individual that decides that instead of heading into work today they end up at the airport and next thing they know they are sitting in a spa in Fiji....I think that person is more like Kaine Pepper with a hint of they are Donald Trump then hey why not...)

Sometimes I feel more like Lowries Seasoning Salt....You know - the old standby....The one when you grab from your spice drawer when you just can't decide just grab what you know....I do a little bit here and there. Not really overpowering but pretty much I know what to expect.....

Just like this morning. I sat down at my desk (after the whole computer fiasco) and began to do bookwork....My mother n law calls and asks if I have time to talk about the book THE HELP that I had let her borrow....Well an hour later after a great talk about Politics and Religion.....(I Know...Politics, Religion and your mother n law....hhhhmmm.... but it was really good) Now that was spontaneous - Not Planned. But is that so unpredictable of me? I mean getting sidetracked.......Umm yeah....Not So Much!!! it wouldn't shock anyone that knows me.

So what does it take to be truly spontaneous? Or should I say spontaneous without the guilt????

I mean is guilt always going to be there? Just like indigestion after a great plate of Mexican Food. You know it's going to happen may even take your Beno....but you choose to just live in the moment and worry about the consequences later.

This is what I think about the people that can withstand the kind of spices that should be outlawed in this country.......I am pretty sure it has been a process of acclimating themselves over time. They have slowly developed a taste for them as years go by...You rarely see a mom giving a young child hot sauce to try when they are at Taco Villa (well, unless you are in Texas....been I guess that is how I should look at it. Today it's skipping the laundry to watch Dr. Phil and before I know it Rob and I will be jet-setting off for a weekend in Europe.....Just you wait and see....... Don't worry I'll send you a Postcard......Okay, you know the craziness in all of this don't you????........I mean honestly haven't we known each other long enough for you to see the ludicrosy in that whole scenario......You know if I can't get a card to the Post Office here in America it is never going to happen in another Country....HHAAAHHHAAA.....I might be spontaneous enough to travel to Europe on a whim but actually putting a postcard in the mail is just over the top!!!

Today I dream for you Spontaneity!!! Be Spicy!!! Do something out of the ordinary....but try to not have regrets or guilt.....hhhmmmm that sounds wonderful......Oh the ideas that go through my mind.....

Well have a fun day my friends!!!!


Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Hi, Linda! I tend to have every minute of every day planned, so this is a great reminder to relax and enjoy those crazy spontaneous moments that crop up. Thanks!

Nichole said...

Does being spontaneous include making those purchases during a self-imposed low credit card month count? If so, I'm all in! I'll order that new cookware, sewing machine, ipod for the trailblazer, photo printer that will SURELY make me scrapbook more..... oh I could go on and on! But, I'll do the responsible thing and not place those orders. I'm sure my husband is thankful that I'm choosing to not live in guilt. Thanks for a great post Linda! It's good to be reminded to be spontaneous once in a while!

Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

I am so much a lover of routine. I know spontaneity is good, but I can't loosen up enough to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very spontaneous, unless saying "Hey I don't want to cook tonight, let's get pizza" counts.

I was wondering who the author of this "The Help" book is? Always looking for good book recommendations. Thanks!

-Amanda F.