Wednesday, October 27, 2010

whats' in your toolbox....

It was Windy outside today so I didn't want to go
to the shop to take pictures.....So I used 2 of Becca's.
Thanks Boo!!!!!
 This morning while I was doing my Bible Study one of the sections was on being thankful. It asked us to write down different ways that we are thankful to God...If I had the opportunity I could sit throughout the day and into the night and never be able to write down all that I am thankful for. 

After I wrote for awhile I just sat back and thought about my life. I am not only thankful for the things like a warm home, food to eat, a healthy and loving family...but I started listing things that I never thought I could think of as positive in my life. I know without the struggles and difficult times in my life I wouldn't have the tools in my life that I need today.

In our line of work Rob has ALOT of tools. I can't tell you how much of my life has been spent in the shop while he works on a machine. My main job is fetching the tools he needs....(yeah, I said I will be the first to admit that even after all these years no matter how hard Rob has tried to teach me I am no good at knowing my wrenches. Oh sure I can do the 1/2" and the 3/4" stuff okay but you start throwing in all those other numbers and I start to hyperventilate.

Rob has had many of his wrenches for probably 20 years, so alot of them are worn and you can't see the numbers. Well, when Rob has himself in the bowels of a machine and hollers for a 9/16" and I bring him a 3/8" lets just say he's not happy.The fact of the matter is that Rob needs the right tools to fix specific problems. And without the right tools it can either take much longer to get things done or it is just impossible all together.

That is the way it is with my life. I look back and 20 years ago it would have been impossible for me to do some of the things that I do now. Today I love to speak in front of people. How in the WORLD did that happen? I can remember standing at the podium in Mrs. Satterwhite's class reading a poem and trying not to pass out. What got me to the point that one of my greatest goals is to speak in front of thousands of people? It didn't happen all at once. I started doing things like teaching Creative Memories classes and then speaking at the Mother Daughter Banquet at church.  In the last 20 years I have had many opportunities of speaking in front of audience. Just a few weeks ago I even got to do the opening and closing at the Hospital Foundation brunch in front of about 200 people and LOVED it!! But.... if I didn't have those smaller things throughout my life - not always being real excited about it- I wouldn't have the confidence to be where I am today.

As I thought through this I realized that tools serve such a HUGE purpose in our lives. Tools are used to  fix or to improve. If everything is going wonderful you have no need for them. It's when you get into trouble or see the need to make something better that you reach for a tool. I think that I am safe to say that Rob doesn't spend alot of time thinking about his shop full of tools. But when the need arises I know he is beyond grateful they are there and that he knows how to use them.

I picture Rob's big tool box - each drawer filled with items that make things easier for him. He has the tools that he Needs....There is a reason he has the items he has in that box. He has encountered problems before that required him to obtain just what he needed to get the job done. And now they are his.......So when something happens it's not that he still isn't having to fix something but .....when he has the right tools it just makes things go smoother and he can get done quicker.

So now I  picture the tool box that God has given me. I didn't "ask" to have the problems arise in my life that I have had. It wasn't enjoyable working through the stuff that I have had to deal with. It wasn't easy to push myself to do better. But through all the struggles I have been through He has been giving me the tools that I need. Not only to "fix" those problems but so later in life when I encounter something similar I have a better idea which drawer to go to for the correct tool.

Today I dream for a few moments to sit and thank God for your struggles and the tools he has given you to overcome them.. Take a good look at your tool box - go through each drawer and remember that even though you didn't Want to have to own those tools they have served you along the way.......

Have a beautiful day my friend.....


Anonymous said...

My sweet sister, this is one of those times when I feel I am lacking the right tool. My heart hurts with you and I don't know the right words to comfort you during this time. I love you!!!!! Carla

Linda Jo said...

Thank you so much....just knowing that you are there means the world to me....I Love you!!