Monday, August 3, 2015

My Journey of 7

Okay peeps.... This is the passage I am embarking on it is a 7 month journey to a Life without Excess and more importantly to get closer to God.... Month 1 is picking seven foods to eat for the entire month. The thought process behind it is that when we feel those other cravings we talk to God. When we spend minimal time on thinking about food for ourselves we can spend it on other things...... Month 2 is choosing 7 items of clothing to wear for the month. This chapter is hilarious!!!! And I feel will be one of the most eye opening next to chapter 3 which is Posessions .. You give away 7 Items every day for the entire month... But it goes so much deaper than just that. The following months are Media... Waste.... Spending.... Stress..... I am excited to do this like I said mainly to grow closer to God. The World gets in the way of our relationship.
I am going to do the best I can without putting to much stress on myself (I have a tendency to do that)
Looking forward to the ride….

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