Tuesday, November 18, 2014

As I opened up my blog site I was amazed at how long it had actually been since I had last written a post here. I knew it had been a long time but I had not realized that so many years had passed. I don't even need to look back through posts to remember the posts of joy and the posts that put me into some of my darkest pits.

The reasons that I haven't posted are numerous and quite possibly those reasons will come forth in posts in the future... but we will see. But I can honestly say that my heart has missed it here. My heart has missed sharing and encouraging. But although I am posting today I am making no promises for the future.... sigh..... But for today it was nice to be here again :-)

So today my friends I dream for you........ hope...... hope for your future and the blessings that God has ready to rain down on you......

Have a beautiful day.

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